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"Anion-conducting Pore-filling Membranes with Optimization of Transport Number and Resistance for Reverse Electrodialysis" 논문 개제

2014년 6월 15일

Chem. Lett. 2014, 43, 621?623 | doi:10.1246/cl.131221 (copyright: 2014 The Chemical Society of Japan)

Pore-filling membranes filled with quaternized poly(styrenecoethylene glycol dimethacrylate) were prepared with the degree of crosslinking (DC) for reverse electrodialysis (RED).It was shown in power density performance that the pore -filling membranes with low DC had lower open circuit voltage (Voc) and resistance, but those with high DC had higher Voc and resistance than the commercial AMX membrane. Thus, the compromise between their transport number and resistance is necessary for the application of pore-filling membranes in RED.

다음과 같이 논문이 개제되었습니다. 관심있으신 분들은 다음 링크를 통해 논문을 읽으실 수 있습니다.

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